Annals of the Bitch Queen

A queen. A failed marriage. A sinister plot from beyond the grave.

For debasing Jin-Sayeng morals and tradition, Warlord Yeshin of Oren-yaro openly declared war against the Ikessar clan. He was joined by Warlord of Lushai of Bara. Their first joint effort was an attack on Shirrokaru, where Regent Ryabei was captured and summarily executed. The foreigner, Magister Ichi rok Sagar, escaped, allowing Warlord Yeshin to occupy the Dragonlord’s Palace without opposition.

-Memoirs from the First War of the Wolves

I could remember him looking at me, his hard eyes searching, calculating. Later on, people would say I looked like him, that I retained nothing of my young mother whose name Yeshin would not even utter. “They’re frightened of you,” he had repeated, his breath coming out in a sort of hiss, like he had forgotten he was talking to a child. “And so let them. Empty-brained fools, they think of nothing beyond painting their faces and picking what dress to wear for the day. They’ll bear children and be forgotten in the vestiges of time. You…”

You. I did not have the capability to form the right words to say it then—and even if I did, I would never have, not to Yeshin’s face—but it shook me every time he said that, every time he said you and looked deep into me like he was molding me out of clay and breathing life into my lungs. As if, from the mere word alone, he was creating this image of him that would carry everything he ever was and everything he could never be.

The Ikessar Falcon

Book Two

Coming soon! Spring 2018

“But there is also what people think you are and how the world bends itself around it. You turn your head and people follow your gaze. Who is she looking at? Why is she looking at them? And if you explain it, they will tear the words apart looking for a hidden meaning, and if you don’t, they will dig into the silence for something that may not be there.”

“It’s silly.”

“I didn’t say it wasn’t. But that is the tune the whole world dances to. Some are born with the power to turn the tide even before they realize what they are doing. Others…aren’t. Some of us have to fight to make a difference from the moment we are born. We try to crest along calm waters because we are helpless against the tide, and even then, a single wave might be enough to sweep us away.”

The Xiaran Mongrel

Book Three

Coming soon! Fall 2018

"How do you fight what you are fated to fail?"