World Tree Publishing

Julie Midnight's Blog

Erotic paranormal romance–the “dark, sexy, fucked-up” kind. Recommended!

Quenby Olson's Blog

Quenby Olson specializes in richly-detailed, vivid historical romances, though she plays around with genres quite a bit, too, infusing her books with a touch of erotica, horror, and even fantasy.

AS Bohannan's Blog

A multi-genre soon-to-be author specializing mostly in speculative fiction, including YA fantasy.

The Tome & Tankard

Book reviews paired up with delicious, fantasy-themed cocktails.

Weatherwax Report

Smart book reviews that give you the lowdown of everything at a glance.

Darrell Drake's Website

Historical fantasy set in Sassanian Iran.

Book Geeks Uncompromised

Great, entertaining podcast reviewing mostly fantasy books, but also other genres.


Fantasy book reviews.

Speculative Kitchen

Fantasy FOOD recipes. Get ready to drool.

Girls Next Gore

Horror podcast, brought to you by Elyse and Cheyanne!


Bo and Ash’s review podcast, where they each read/watch/play something the other likes, and then report back.

The Fantasy Inn

A brand new website with reviews, articles, and other fantasy-related musings.

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