Countries in The Agartes Epilogues

I‘ve finally created a country list. I’ve also added links to the individual entries I’ve made for each nation in the past (if there are any). I’ll add to these as I go along–there’s a lot.

Baidh The Kingdom of Baidh is an island country to the west. It is mainly known for having large pastures and highlands, suitable for raising sheep and other livestock.
Cael Technically “Cael City”, a city-state, the name is also used to loosely refer to the area west of Kago. The term can be used to include the towns of Vildar and Nalvor. It is surrounded by the Kag wilderness. Cael built a thriving industry through the export of a type of white stone that is abundant in the area and is prized primarily as a building material.
Gaspar A land north of Jin-Sayeng and south of Dageis, it is ruled by a Holy King. Mage-warriors, called mandraagars, are taken as young children to serve the temples and the realm. Various k’an rule individual provinces.
Gorent A group of islands northwest of Dageis. Once a proud people, the invasion of their capital city drove them further out into the sea, and now the Gorenten mostly live out in small villages, with only a single city, Sen’senal, to their name.
Hafod A land along the western side of the continent. Hafod is a fairly new nation, sprouting in the harsh lands of the Kag after discontented nobles from Baidh and beyond decided to settle elsewhere.
Herey An island country in the continent of Lier. Herey is known to the outside world as a strange place, where anomalies in the agan has produced very strange phenomena, including monsters that pose as people.
Jin-Sayeng A land along the eastern side of the continent of Vir. Once ruled by mighty warlords who rode dragons, it is now a land rife with tension between provinces. There is also conflict between the different castes, including the royal clans of the east and the commoners of the west.
Kago A region comprised of towns and villages that sprouted in the wilderness west of Jin-Sayeng. “Kago” refers to the general area and is not an actual country, lacking a leader or any other means of government.
Kiel Another city-state, west of Cael and deeper into the wilderness. Kiel boasts more quarries and mines than Cael, but a lot less culture.
Shi-uin An island nation invaded by Dageis years ago. Its people have been scattered throughout the continent, and the island itself is now trapped in a seemingly permanent winter.
The Empire of Dageis Or “Dageis,” as it is commonly called, is a large empire that takes up most of the northern half of the continent. The rapid growth and industrilization of this empire can be owed to the way they have harnessed the agan for their own purposes, as well as the number of small nations they have invaded or annexed over the centuries. A few nations have refused to bow down to Dageis’ conquest, including its famed rival, the Kingdom of Gaspar.
The Empire of Ziri-nar-Orxiario Derrogatively called “Xiaro” by the people of Vir (and mostly by Jinseins), the Zarojo Empire–the more correct term–lies in the continent of Lier to the east. It tries to mimic Dageis in its use of the agan, though without the finesse or proper systems in place. Similarly to Dageis, it has annexed a number of countries, including the small nation of Lay Weng Shio. The Zarojo Empire was once Jin-Sayeng’s closest trading partner until an attack early on in Dragonlord Reshiro’s reign, which left both nations hostile to each other.